WIRED Magazine features Beauty entrepreneur Jesseca Dupart on inspiring other black women

WIRED Magazine features Beauty entrepreneur Jesseca Dupart on inspiring other black women

Last month, my mom introduced me to this brand called Kaleidoscope, asking me to add this oil to my edges every day and it would make this grow. You see, my edges have been snatched from years of braids, natural styles, and mostly head wraps that have pulled them to a non-existence state. She thought that this brand would make a difference. That was my first introduction to the brand.

A few weeks later, as I'm noticing hair sprout in places on my edges that weren't there before, I notice on social media that one of my favorite female rappers 'Da Brat' had a new boo. Her name was Jesseca Dupart and she was a huge IG star with hundreds of thousands of followers. She was thick, wore tight clothes and lots of long weaves. She was larger than life and wasn't ashamed about it. On this one post, she has just purchased a new ride for Da Brat sealing their relationship for all of the world to see. I thought that she was a boss. 

So today when I read on the latest issue of Wired Magazine that this is, in fact, the female boss of a brand called Kaleidoscope, I pay attention. Jesseca went from making $10,000 a month on her products to most recently making $1M a month in sales from her brand. I, again, am paying attention. While the article also talks about the abundance of black female-owned businesses that have been started and growing to keep the American economy afloat, what stood out to me about the article was that she, like so many of us have never thought of asking a bank for a load or entering a lottery to receive a foundation grant or even investment money from an angel investor. Jesseca pulled up her sleeves and she did the work. She sewed in weaves, she colored braids and fused in her kitchen until the ingredients were just right and then she exposed her lifestyle and the world of hair to an eager audience of patrons and followers. It wasn't easy which the article clearly states b but she grew her brand to a $1m a month company and I'm damn inspired and I think you should be as well.

Read the entire interview here: thank you 

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