Wouri Vice: How he creates Tomboy Chic with H.E.R.

Wouri Vice: How he creates Tomboy Chic with H.E.R.

Why timing is everything: H.E.R. #blackgirlmagic, Grammy nominated and BET winner garnered four top summer headlining concerts and over 100k ‘likes’ for her Grammy look. During the BET Awards 2019 blue carpet and performance, her stylist focused on comfort with a tomboy edge (full bouncy curls, popping wine red lip accented). Wouri Vice has found his new inspiration H.E.R.

Some of that inspiration included landing H.E.R. a place in high end fashion’s popular list; attending the MET Gala, to the Grammys and most recently gracing the cover of Essence Magazine. “We were just in Cannes France working on a campaign with Kendall Jenner, whose one the top paid models in the world,” says H.E.R. in the dressing room preparing for the BET Awards blue carpet. “I didn’t expect that to happen so quickly they’re starting to admire who I am. Wouri and my conversations about life, about lessons and how far we’ve come. We relate so much. We vibe with each other on a different level. His method of styling is styling from the inside out. It’s so important to me because I’m all about comfort. Not so much how I look but how I feel. As long as I’m being me, then the look will be great because that’s who I am.”

Wouri adds. “Last year I couldn’t get many top designers to answer and email yet this year they’re like ‘would you sit at our table?” and we said ‘I know you want her.’  What’s not to love?”

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H.E.R. kicked off her summer season of headline performances in a shimmering silver 2-piece track suit, jacket and pants which has become her trademark style, TomBoy chic.

“One of the things that I focus on is styling from the inside out because it radiates. We live in a world when sometimes people try to mimic what they see and not what they feel,” says Wouri. “It becomes misconstrued perspective. And you can tell on the red carpet or someone’s performance when someone feels uncomfortable. I love the fact the she (H.E.R.) takes her time with me. We talk through it. I always have said that working with her has taught me a certain level of patience.’ The process always start with a conversation. It might start with what kind of lip she want to wear but most often when it comes to performances, it always comes to the music and what she’s performing. Although fashion is what we do together, I’m actually a big fan of her music and when she’ performing, I try to make sure she’s as comfortable as possible so that I as a fan get the best performance.”


With a new album coming on Atlantic Records this summer and a long hot season of headlining performances H.E.R. and Wouri Vice have a lot to options when it comes to designers, yet they still have their go to favorites when it comes to garment-creators. “We love to work a lot with an African American designer Brea Stinson (from the Beyonce “Coachella” performance), who is just amazing” says Wouri. “For tonight’s outfit I said two words and she sent back sketches of the exact vine I was looking for. I was crazy. She’s know H.E.R so well. So it helps with the process. There’s a lot fo work that goes into what I do, there’s a lot of prep and there are a lot of people and a lot of hands that help me to achieve what needs to be done. People thing that this last result just happens and that’s simply  not the case.”



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