Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Lots of freelance opportunities to share this week from Massive Cinema, WIRED UK, HuffPost & Food & Wine, take your time to draft the perfect pitch and pitch away. ~ Darralynn Hutson

MASSIVE Cinema @massivecinema: WRITE FOR US  𝕊𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕪𝕓𝕠𝕒𝕣𝕕 is looking for young, diverse voices to unfold film and cinema every week. Contemporary British cinema is our jam, but we're open to plenty. Never written before? Don't let that stop you. Here's what you need to know: Massive Cinema is growing, and we're looking for writers. Storyboard is looking for pitches on new films and contemporary cinema aimed at young audiences. We celebrate the best of British talent onscreen and champion cinema at its most vibrant. Haven't written much before? No problem—Massive is here to platform new voices and fresh ideas, and we particular encourage young writers from diverse backgrounds to reach out. One new, paid story every week, giving you a reason to go to the movies. Interested? Drop us a line to editor@massive-cinema.com.

Emily McCombs  @msemilymccombs: I’m looking for a few first person essays from BIPIOC queer writers for Pride Month — should be personal, compelling, and related to some aspect of sexuality/gender identity. Pitch me at   emily.mccombs@huffpost.comOur base rate is $125. If a pitch was accepted, I'd be looking to receive work in the next two weeks. 

Evette Dionne @freeblackgirl: I am still editing @BitchMedia’s digital content at the moment, so get in touch if you have ideas about sports, In the Heights, People of Praise and abuse, chronic illness, and We Are the Lady Parts. Rates start at $200. evette@b-word.org. Let me offer this: We do not publish many personal essays, so I am primarily seeking cultural criticism.

Sarah J C Gillespie @sjcgillespie: Please RT: I'm commissioning travel guides for Culture Trip - looking for Italy and Greece specialists right now but happy to hear from others too. Please send links and a bio to: sarah.gillespie@theculturetrip.com N.B No pitches please, we pick topics in-house.

Florence Derrick @FlorenceDerrick: Pleased to announce that for the next three months I will be commissioning and editing travel and lifestyle content for @CultureTrip 🥳Contact me at florence.derrick@theculturetrip.com Not open to pitches, but if you're interested in writing for Culture Trip feel free to drop me an email with your areas/ destinations of expertise and experience.

Amit Katwala @amitkatwala: Biannual reminder that I am commissioning culture stories for the @WiredUK website - film, TV, internet culture, food, society, politics etc etc My contact details are in our contributor’s guidelines, please read the guidelines before you pitch: wired.co.uk/article/contri… I am not looking for op-eds or anniversary content, and if your idea doesn't involve any interviews it's probably not right for us I am looking for smart, fun, meaningful stories that tell us something about how the world is changing. Email: amit@wired.co.uk


Oset Babür @baburoset: Some personal news! I’m now the Associate Culture Editor at Food & Wine, which feels like a good time to share some pitch guidelines for Obsessions! Kindly use FREELANCE PITCH in the subject line when sending ideas (for Spring ‘22) stories. Cheers! Rates start at $1/word] Email: oset.babur@foodandwine.com


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