Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Cosmopolitan is looking for Travel Sex Stories!

Taylor Andrews @taylorzandrews: Does anyone have a travel-related sex story? It can be a sexy confession or something funny that happened, should just somehow be related to travel/vacationing/meeting people abroad/etc. Looking to assign for a @Cosmopolitan article. $500 [Taylor.andrews@hearst.com

Cosmopolitan is ALSO looking for Juicy Travel Stories!

Elizabeth Kiefer  @lizabeth_kiefer [features editor @cosmopolitan]: Opening the floodgates: I'm on the hunt for some juicy travel feature ideas! *IMPORTANT NOTE: I am looking for ~*narrative*~ stories w/ twists and turns, interesting characters and locales. Ears + inbox + DMs open [elizabeth.kiefer@hearst.com] [Added: Also of note: I am *not* seeking first-person reportage or how-to. Give me some juicy reporting! Wild tales of something compelling to a Cosmo readership! Investigations! No essay pitches please!]



Bustle’s Health & Wellness and Tech sections!

melanie @melaniemignucci: Looking for pitches for Bustle’s Health & Wellness and Tech sections! Is there a weird wellness TikTok trend you’ve been wanting to try? A post-pandemic phenomenon living rent-free in your head? An influencer you’re dying to interview? Please send full pitches (with a working hed, source list, and a takeaway/“so what” in mind; not just shower thoughts, please!) to melanie.mignucci@bustle.com

Eleanor Jones @messagejones: Call for (quite specific) writers – I'm looking for: 

  • A sports writer who covers golf equipment 
  • A beauty writer with grey hair 
  • A parenting writer with a young baby 

If you fit any of the briefs above, please email me at eleanor.jones@independent.co.uk 

Matthew Zuras, Senior Editor posted "Writers: please pitch me! I'll have more detailed info in the coming days as I get settled. But if you've worked with me before, you probably know what I dig. matthew_zuras@condenast.com epicurious.com/expert-advice/…Depends on the piece. Features typically start at $400. 

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