Writing Opportunities for Writers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Writers Like Me

Good morning and happy HUMP DAY!

There are a few good pitching opportunities below from Salon.com has a new Digital FOOD editor and looking for pitches and BuzzFeed is looking for SEX Stories. Get your pitch on and as always if you need help, hit me up! ~ Darralynn

Ella Kemp @ella_kemp: A little bit of ~news! As of next week I will be the Web Editor for @massivecinema  I'll be commissioning essays for the newly launched editorial section, and I'd love to hear from you! (All my other freelance bits remain exactly the same, please keep me on your mailing lists) The goal is to get everyone back into cinemas and I'll be looking for writing every week to encourage that. My email will be ella.kemp@massive-cinema.com – do drop me a line either/or introducing yourself, or getting right in there with a pitch. And yes, we pay .

Vicki Turk, Features editor @wireduk posted :Writers, I am looking for long read pitches! BEFORE YOU PITCH make sure you read these guidelines under 'Features': wired.co.uk/article/contri… And check out some of our recent long reads: wired.co.uk/topic/long-read I will be able to tell if you haven't!"

Ashlie D. Stevens @AshlieD_Stevens: Professional update: I'm thrilled to say that today is my first day as Deputy Food Editor at @Salon. I'm ecstatic to be working in food media full-time and that I now get to work with other writers! Pitches, tips, dog pics and words of encouragement welcome at astevens@salon.com



Hello! Do you have an idea for SEX WEEK?  Send your IRL rom-com tales, reported trend features, and life-changing epiphanies to reader.pitches@buzzfeed.com 

See last year's stories here: buzzfeednews.com/collection/sex…  


Katie McDonough New Republic @kmcdonovgh: I still want you to pitch me stories about how work eats shit newrepublic.com/series/11/work…a reminder on how to pitch my desk docs.google.com/document/d/e/2… ["The rate will depend on the piece—how long it is, the difficulty of reporting involved, the time it will likely take to pull together. I don’t really accept short takes on my desk, so most of my fees start at $400. Kill fee minimum is $50."]


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