Stylist Suite Contract


This constitutes an agreement between the Stylist Suite (The Producer) and " “(Client) on the following terms:

  1. Producer, the Stylist Suite located at 1882 West 23rd Street, Ste. #1 Los Angeles, California 90018 USA is offering the client "" located at ------, to showcase some of their fashion designs in the producer's showroom and digital showroom also known as the Stylist Suite, allowing the Hollywood celebrities whose names are globally recognized, Hollywood celebrity stylists, Hollywood Costume Designers and Top Hollywood celebrity publicists to come and pull for shows, events, editorials, red carpets and social media campaigns.
  2. Producer will provide client with any and all visuals rendered by the pulls from paragraph 1, for client to use freely on social media and other marketing purposes.
  3. Client hereby understands that a participation fee of $200 Retainer and $200 per month or $600 USD in total is required for a 3-month period agreement. This fee includes Showroom real estate, shipping to and from Hollywood stylists and costume designers, shipping to and from Hollywood Celebrities, dry cleaning and/or shining between pulls and a dedicated coordinator who will work with client pieces and bi-weekly placement reports.
  4. The client and producer understand that the 3-months period agreement starts at the time of arrival of samples in our showroom in Los Angeles and that this service agreement does not need to be signed, as the PayPal transfer also serves as an agreement to the terms.
  5. All original sample pieces sent by the client will be returned to the client by producer upon the end of our contract.

By signing this agreement, I agree to the above terms.


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