Stylist Suite Contract


This constitutes an agreement between the Darralynn Hutson d.b.a Stylist Suite LLC (Media Strategist) and " “(Client) on the following terms:

  1. Media Strategist, Stylist Suite located in Detroit, Michigan USA is offering the client "[INSERT NAME]" located at [INSERT CITY], to showcase their company, name or product in a robust media outreach campaign and digital showroom for storytellers.

  2. Media Strategist will provide client with any and all published pieces garnered by the efforts from paragraph 1, for client to use freely on social media and other marketing purposes.

  3. Client hereby understands that a participation fee of $600 Retainer and $2000 per month is required for a 3-month period agreement. This fee includes a dedicated press coordinator who will work with client on updates and weekly placement reports.

  4. The client and Media Strategist understand that the 3-months period agreement starts at the time of arrival of all assets and that this service agreement does not need to be signed, as the PayPal transfer of the retainer also serves as an agreement to the terms.

By clicking below, I agree to the above terms.


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