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Introduce your product to the TV, movie, and celebrity arena with the Stylist Suite!
 Stylist Suite
We'll share your product under our influence to Hollywood elites.  Send us your product to blog about.  
Stylist Suite only offers "sweet" product reviews to our subscribers, so if your brand doesn't suit our style, we'll simply not publish your product and personally notify you by email.
(Please be advised that in the circumstance your product is not approved for our write-up, you will receive a refund less shipping cost to us, the ten percent administrative cost and return shipping fee should you want your product back.)  In no case will products be returned without special arrangements, if possible.  If you desire our progressive feedback related to your product's nonacceptance, we'll be glad to let you know but the blog cost is nonrefundable.  
To  request your product's review, submit the form and one of our fashion coordinators will contact you.  

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