2019 E-Commerce "Runway Report" recognizes that the Customer is still QUEEN

2019 E-Commerce

Fashion brands, from haute couture to street style, have been relying heavily on social media influencers to peddle their clothes. But the true power still relies with the customer, based on new findings from one of the top fashion e-commerce platforms.


Self-described as a “fashion discovery site,” Moda Operandi recently published its first ever “Runway Report,” a new take on analyzing consumer shopping habits with forecasts for fashion trends in fall and winter 2019. Among some of the data points included in the report are the most popular times and days of the week when consumers shopped online for luxury fashion, the most liked runway shows during fashion month showings (covering catwalks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris), and a breakdown on geographical levels as to which cities have the most consumers shilling out for designer labels.



Much of the e-commerce site’s findings are based on what the brand calls “trunkshow data.” Trunkshows are events where vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or customers. Moda Operandi hosted more than 120 trunkshows during the 2019 fashion month season earlier this year. Because Moda Operandi carries next season’s inventory, the company asserts its customers are “voting” with their dollars on what styles they’ll want to own in six months. Thus, Moda Operandi essentially considers their customers to be on par with department store buyers in dictating which styles the online store should invest in for future seasons.



Among some of the findings that might be helpful to retailers of all types and price points, Moda Operandi found that its customers flocked to the site most frequently on Sunday mornings and Monday afternoons—quite a way to start off the week. These findings were based on average sessions per day.

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