Akon Changkou Graces Cover of Vogue France's April Issue

Akon Changkou Graces Cover of Vogue France's April Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of Vogue France's April Issue, Akon Changkou

When she was spotted, Akon was studying psychology with the goal of being a therapist, helping others. The fashion ? Not at all in his plans: "It was not a dream, or even a subject." However, from his Sudanese family, she inherited a love of colors, noble materials, clean cuts: “There are princes in my country...” Akon was born in South Sudan, where she spent her first nine years. The siblings have eight children – the youngest is the only boy in the family. At home, women are viscerally powerful. From her early childhood, she remembers an “tremendous feeling of freedom, running outside, going from one house to another”. Bits of happy memories before his parents had no choice but to go into exile.

“I work in big cities and I love it, but I grew up with the ocean, the greenery, the blue sky. Since then, I like to seek nature where it can be found."

Akon Changkou

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