Ashley Graham is Covergirl for Vogue Jan 2020 Issue

Ashley Graham is Covergirl for Vogue Jan 2020 Issue

Queen Ashley Graham is still being called "Plus" in her Vogue cover story but we just know her as a powerhouse, Plus or otherwise.

It's wonderful to see her in her beautiful motherly glory.

“She’s the opposite of hard work—she’s the best girl, period,” and I immediately get what she means. Graham has an uncanny knack for making you feel not just relaxed and happy but like you might actually be a better, funnier person than you think you are. Within minutes, we’re cackling like eighth-graders in a sex-ed class, and it does not take long to understand why the universe seems to be tilting in her direction, everyone finally coming around to her POV, which is one of radical transparency, a kind of punk-rock commitment to being forthright about nearly everything—body positivity above all.

Which is exactly why Revlon has made her a face of its brand, and why she is an ambassador for several more, including Marina Rinaldi and Swimsuits for All and Addition Elle. It is why Ellen DeGeneres chose Graham to host her digital series Fearless with Ashley Graham, where Graham talks to everyday folks who, as she puts it, “take a chance at something they never thought they could do.” And it’s also why Kim West, Lilly Singh and Gayle King are all too happy to visit Graham’s podcast, which is in its second season and which she is confident enough to have named Pretty Big Deal.

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  • Tyshel Lockamy

    Congratulations to the lovely couple and What a way to bring in 2020, with an epic gold lame’ dress! Fabulous. Good write-up!

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