Assumptions about Freelance Journalism

Assumptions about Freelance Journalism

Here were some of my initial assumptions about freelance journalism:

Freelancing is mostly about writing articles on niche topics for publications
It requires chasing trending news and competing to publish quickly
Stories need broad appeal to have value
Innovation means using lots of interactive graphics and multimedia

However, in challenging these assumptions, I realized several things that opened up new possibilities:

Not Just Articles

  • Stories can manifest in many formats - podcasts, videos, photoblogs, guides etc. This expands client opportunities beyond just editors to brands, nonprofits and more.

Evergreen Ideas

  • There is value in developing evergreen, authoritative guides on perennial struggles people face (health conditions, college apps). Timeliness isn't the priority here.


  • Instead of seeking broadly appealing ideas, zeroing in on a hyper niche community (e.g. park rangers, rare disease families) and telling unique stories can create appeal and meaning.

Simple Innovation

  • Innovation might mean applying an ordinary but unexpected lens, format or medium to ordinary topics - like examining workplace conflicts through illustrations or modern poetry.

By challenging my assumptions, I realized freelancing opens many possibilities beyond just timely articles with mass interest. Unique perspectives and connections drive value over flashy multimedia. The journey is questioning preconceived constraints to uncover opportunities.

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on assumptions or innovative angles we haven't considered yet! Let me know.

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