Stylists Suite's Looking For Apprentice

Stylists Suite's Looking For Apprentice

We Are Searching For a Driven, Enthusiastic Apprentice to Join the Team

This 12-week program proposal details the apprenticeship program process and outcome of its participants and facilitators.

Mission Statement: We want to motivate the next generation of storytellers with the right tools, education, experience and expertise to create a community of griots across the world. Our stories are authentically told in authentic formats; this apprenticeship program teaches digital formatting, conversation, relationship building and vital organizational skills to polished perfection, as the pages of our favorite magazine.

The magazine industry is not dead, it has evolved into digital storytelling, video series and event curation and most importantly relationship building. Because Black culture has always sold magazines, advertising and performances; this apprenticeship will push Black and Brown participants that have largely been underserved and untrained.

Internship Description: Editorial, Sales and Creative Apprenticeship

Position Title: APPRENTICE

Location: Midtown Detroit, Cocoon Workspace, 2785 E. Grand Blvd, Detroit 48211

Date: January (Prep) February -May (Apprenticeship)

Duration: 12 Weeks (9am-4:30pm) Tuesday, Wed and Thursday Shifts

Payment: Interns are paid a $500 per Stipend for 12-Week Program for Onsite and Offsite Lunch and Transportation Expenses to be Covered for 12-Week Program


Job Details:

  • Research (recipes, listicles, business profiles, book launches, local happenings, tracker building)
  • Create databases, schedule interviews, coordinate editor’s schedule and prepare in accordance to Editor’s specifications
  • Prepare different types of emails, posts from the list of categories, following carefully, instructions provided by the Editor.
  • Order office food and coffee as instructed by Editor
  • Clean and sanitize the working surfaces, laptops, utensils and working area
  • Transcribe completed interviews done on video or audio by the Editor
  • Adhere to grammar and BLAC style standards.
  • Produce weekly BLAC Friday Subscriber Newsletter(s) and Playlist(s) for approval
  • Assist with Office set up-prior to Apprenticeship
  • Assist with Office clean up-post Apprenticeship
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