Call for Submissions: CROWN MAGAZINE & The Collective Inspiration

Call for Submissions: CROWN MAGAZINE & The Collective Inspiration

Call for Submissions: CRWNMAG & The Collective Inspiration

We are living amidst a Black creative renaissance. We, Black artists and artisans, have refreshed the soul and raised the aesthetic in every modality of expression. And we’ve done it together. One vibe with an infinite amount of depth and nuance. We are all part of the Black Collective Inspiration. You are reading this because you’re undoubtedly working to leave your mark on this historic time.

It is in this spirit that CRWNMAG & The Collective Inspiration was conceived.

Empowered by Pinterest, we are offering you, our creative community, the chance for your vision to be immortalized — in print — on the cover of CRWNMAG.

We’re looking to hire creative people across all disciplines to help us produce our next three covers. Photographers, filmmakers, wardrobe stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, subjects and production designers are all welcome to submit your vision for who and how we should shoot for our three zines.

Submission Guidelines

In addition to your name and contact information, each submission must be accompanied by:

  • A link to your portfolio (a social link is okay, as long as the feed showcases your work).

  • A link to your mood board in the form of a Pinterest Board or Idea Pin.

  • A general description of the vibe of the shoot.

Final selections will be made by our Creative Council based on the level of Aesthetics, Creativity of overall concept and Portfolio of previous work.

Important note: your mood board should include reference images for all parts of the shoot’s overall creative direction (photography style, art direction, set design, muse(s), wardrobe styling, hair styling, makeup artistry, design style, etc.). Get creative! Our Council wants to see thoughtfully curated mood boards.


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