Chloe and Halle cover Flaunt Magazine

Chloe and Halle cover Flaunt Magazine

As we converse on the eve of her twenty-third birthday, Bailey confesses, “I guess I am kind of grown.” She laughs as one might do when recognizing how fast time can slip away from us when we are having too much fun. And it’s been fun.


Not that long ago, Beyoncé signed the R&B sister duo, Chloe x Halle, to her record label Parkwood Entertainment Company after witnessing their covers of pop songs online. Now six years later, the two songstresses have seemingly reigned over streaming sites as they write, arrange, produce, and engineer their music, amassing over almost 3.5 million listeners on Spotify alone.


Halle is currently in a state of transcendent flux. And how could she not be? Halle first garnered recognition when she started sharing covers online with her sister, Chloe, which not only became viral, but caught the attention of Beyoncé, who promptly signed the sister duo to her record label Parkwood Entertainment Company and soon will voice The Little Mermaid Disney character.

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