Doja Cat Graces Cover of ELLE Magazine's June/July Issue

Doja Cat Graces Cover of ELLE Magazine's June/July Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of ELLE Magazine's June/July Issue, Doja Cat

Anyone who has been following the career of Doja Cat—née Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini—from her SoundCloud days, when she recorded tracks in the solitude of her mother’s closet, to her current Billboard chart domination, knows she is masterful at turning the absurd into a sensation. Whether she’s digging into a cheeseburger and twerking against a green screen made from bedsheets in her bedroom in “Mooo!,” her 2018 viral hit dedicated to cows (“Got steak, ho? Got cheese? / Grade A, ho, not lean”), or accepting her MTV VMA for Best Collaboration dressed in a wormlike Thom Browne cocoon gown, or performing a freestyle rap homage to Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza on TikTok, she loves to bring together disparate references to see what kind of beautiful, irreverent mess they create.

“It’s just not realistic and it’s not fun, to be honest, when you have to rush through things. So that is something I definitely want to do, but I want to do it only. So I would take a break from music.”

Doja Cat

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