Meet The New Beauty Director of ELLE Magazine, Kathleen Hou

Meet The New Beauty Director of ELLE Magazine, Kathleen Hou

Introducing Kathleen Hou, ELLE Magazine's New Beauty Director

Kathleen Hou is the award-winning Beauty Director at New York Magazine’s fashion site, The Cut. Her work has appeared in Vogue India and Stylist France. She has been featured on NPR and in Allure, Condé Nast Traveler, Business of Fashion and Vogue Business. She is also a co-founder of Donate Beauty, a grassroots project which donated over 425,000 beauty products to 58,000 healthcare workers at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic.

She started her editorial career as a business editor. She is a probably the only writer to have had the privilege of interviewing both Eugene Fama and Snooki in the same day.

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