Eva Longoria Covers Women's Health Magazine's March Issue

Eva Longoria Covers Women's Health Magazine's March Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of Women's Health Magazine's March Issue, Eva Longoria

The actor, director, and entrepreneur recently got into rebounding (the technical term for trampoline workouts) and credits this form of exercise with so much more than giving her an excellent sweat. "It makes me present," she says. "You really have to focus on the routine and memorize the movements." It's also become a fun outlet for her to connect with friends, family, and even her 3-year-old son, Santiago—bonds that keep her grounded, grateful, and most of all happy. 

“I was just fascinated with our perception of concepts, like the concept of marriage, the concept of education, the concept of money. Does having more money mean you’re happier? If you look at all the blue zones, or happy zones, in the world, it doesn’t, and I think that’s interesting.”



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