Food & Wine has a New Digital Editor and she's just as Nice as the last one

Food & Wine has a New Digital Editor and she's just as Nice as the last one

Well maybe not New but Maria Yagoda is taking the place of my long time Food & Wine editor Ryan Grim who just last last week. My associate and I have had 12 articles published by him this year and that's a reason to stop and say thanks to Food & Wine for being true to your outreach for more black stories.

Back to Maria Yagoda, whose title says Senior Editor on her twitter page but she was introduced to us as the person whose taking pitches for digital. If you get a good pitch in to her, you might get lucky enough to be in PRINT and DIGITAL.

Her Instagram feed suggests she loves dogs which is a great way to connect. Follow her website which also shows that she loves eating and taking photos. Don't we all.

I am a reporter, editor, and essayist specializing in food, sex, travel, mental health, and culture. I am currently the digital restaurant editor at Food & Wine Magazine. Senior dogs are my whole world.

My writing has appeared in: The Atlantic, Jezebel, Al Jazeera America, Food & Wine, People Magazine, Glamour, Time, Racked,, Broadly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Pennsylvania Gazette, The Hairpin, Bustle, BuzzFeed, the Daily Dot, Ozy, and more. I speak French and Italian and take photographs. Skill-wise, that’s mostly it.


You might remember another Food & Wine editor asking for pitches in a post from Oset Babur the print Culture's editor.

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