Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Business Insider's Associate Editor Looking For Pitches

Kiera Fields, Associate Editor of Business Insider Posted:

"I would love some pitches or first-person essays from people who work non-linear schedules i.e. outside the 9-to-5 and find it more productive or improves their work-life balance."

Email Kiera Fields at

The Daily Beast's Editor Looking For SHE-HULK Pitches

Allegra Frank, Editor of The Daily Beast Posted:

"as we head toward the finale i'm looking for SHE-HULK pitches! ideally 1,000-word bloggy takes, $250, email"

National Geographic Traveller UK's Project Editor Looking For Travel Writer

SJ Armstrong, Project Editor at National Geographic Traveller UK Posted:

"Hellooo writers - for National Geographic Traveller we’re looking for a travel writer knowledgable about horses, specifically Arabian horses, and familiar with the UAE.

Please get in touch with"

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British GQ's Senior Style Editor Looking For Pitches

Women's Health's Love & Life Editor Looking For Original Personal Essays

Variety's Associate Features Editor Looking For New Writers

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