Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - November 9, 2023

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me - November 9, 2023

Kayla Kibbe @Kay_Kibbe: I am once again asking you to pitch me CONFESSAYS for Cosmo! For the uninitiated, Confessays are erotic personal essays detailing real-life sexperiences—ideally of a particularly hot, surprising, out-there, or otherwise memorable nature. Pitch me at [$250/essay] 
Nicole Pasulka @NicolePasulka: Hi. I’m the new senior features editor at @Cosmopolitan. I put out a call for pitches last week and got an incredible response. Thank you so much! Now, I want to drill down a bit and give some more context on what we’re looking for. 1) STORY!...The biggest reason I turn down a pitch is because it focuses on a topic or an idea rather than a story. Stories have narrative action and memorable characters. They tell me very specifically about something that happened to actual people. They have plots. 2) Surprise! So maybe you’ve got a narrative with good characters, but does the story play out basically the way I’d expect it to? This is so hard, because there are a lot things we *should* know about, but the way to make those issues or stories appeal to a broad audience is to tell people something unexpected and surprising. In this vein, if it’s a story we’ve seen many times before or something that we’ve covered a lot, it’s probably not going to work for us. 3) Audience! Our target audience is women under 35. That’s a huge and diverse group of people, but there are things that just don't matter to them. I know this is tricky, and if you’ve got something that meets the other two criteria, shoot your shot, absolutely! 4) For the most part, we don’t publish personal essays, op-eds, or trend stories in the features section. Those do have a place at Cosmo, but I’m not the right editor for those pitches. Some features have a first-person perspective, but those typically contain lots of original reporting and narrative. Ask yourself–does my piece have a narrative and characters, or is it an exploration of a “topic” or “idea”? If it’s the latter, it’s not right for us. Hope this is helpful. Please keep pitching me ( and if you have questions, feel free to ask--just @ me here, I don't read DMs. I was a freelancer for over a decade, I get how frustrating and confusing it can be. 
Rachel Courtland @rcourt: New call for pitches from @techreview, for our upcoming print issue. Pitch deadline is November 27. Some common questions (and their answers) below...What are we looking for? Narrative features, reported essays, profiles. Big swings of 2500-4000 words. How much to we pay? $1-2/word. How do I pitch TR? Here's our pitch guide, which includes lots of helpful general guidance on how to craft an impactful pitch: How to pitch MIT Technology Review 
Courtney E. Smith @courtneyesmith: And we are taking pitches for more episodes in 2024. If you love writing about music, history, or doing deep dives, slide into my DMs. No podcasting experience necessary, but we welcome it if you've got some, too....current rate is $500 for writing a 20 to 30 minute episode. We have a team who handle production and sound design and pay to send the writer into a studio near them to record. Anyone who wants to pitch should send me some samples of podcast scripts, features, or longform. 
Lilly Milman is always accepting pitches for the @Apt_Advisor blog! Looking for reported features, interviews with interesting people in the renting/design space, personal essays, data-driven stories & more about the wide world of apartment renting. Please pitch through email rather than DM! Rates and pitch guide here: US-based writers only. (received via DMs from Lilly Milman, content 
Bradford Pearson @BradfordPearson: A semi-annual reminder: @phillymag wants your pitches! Profiles, capers, essays, yarns, city trends, investigations, and anything in-between. Features (~5,000 words) and departments (~2,500); rate is $1/word for print. Story has to be connected to the Philly region in some way. Take a look at our most recent longform stories, and if you have any questions or pitches let me know: Longform Archives - Philadelphia Magazine And by "connected to the Philly region in some way" I mean you can pitch crazy stories like this one from our April issue about the origins of the cheesesteak in Pakistan, reported from Pakistan. 
Miranda Larbi  @MirandaLarbi: Health, wellness, fitness journos and freelancers - I'm commissioning! Send me your first first person experience pieces, gut health ideas, hormone features and general fitnessy pitches. £180 a pop. 
Cleveland Review of Books @clereviewbooks: Looking at the Vol. 01 cover reminds us about looking, which reminds us to remind you we're always open for pitches on visual art. Print rates start at $100 ["While we are especially committed to publishing writing on, about, and from Cleveland and Ohio, as well as the Rust Belt and greater Midwest, regional connection is by no means a requirement...Web rates start at $70"] 

Conz Preti @conz: For @thisisinsider: Looking for a very specific essay along the lines of "My husband and I are both working parents, but somehow, he still has time for guys’ trips and football games" Email in bio. $250 for 600 words [via DMs: Deadline ASAP] [

Conz Preti @conz: PITCH CALL OUT: Looking for essays from moms feeling overwhelmed as the year comes to an end. Whether it's the marathon that starts on Halloween and goes until NYE, or just the compounded exhaustion. Email in bio. Paid. [

Are you an introvert who was able to climb the corporate ladder? Frank Olito at Insider looking for someone to write a 700 to 800-word, first-person essay about how they climbed the corporate ladder and reached great success despite being timid and shy. Pay starts at $250. Deadline 11/10 Email pitches to (received via DMs from Frank Olito, editor @thisisinsider)

Conz Preti @conz: I'm looking for more PITCHES under the following themes for @thisisinsider:
- Breakup essays
- Unconventional relationships
- Relationships with a big age gap
- Grandparents breaking the rules
- Weird dates
Email in bio, rates $200-$300 [

Did you ever have a work wife/husband that you relied on and then suddenly realized the relationship was toxic? Did you decide to end that friendship with your co-worker? How did you do it? Frank Olito at Insider is looking for someone to write a 700 to 800-word, first-person essay about breaking up with their work spouse for Insider. Pay starts at $250. Deadline 11/11. Email pitches to (received via DMs from Frank Olito, editor @thisisinsider)

Shannon Liao @Shannon_Liao [*deputy gaming editor @inversedotcom] to answer some commonly asked questions, we are always looking for more pitches! I'd love to put deeply reported features on our site. we also love weird stories. surprise me: and let's chat rates :) [from a previous tweet (November 3): some general things to keep in mind: we could always use more FPS, live service pitches and deeply reported features. we have 3 gaming writers and, if you read our site, you'll see they are indie gaming and JRPG experts, so we are almost fully covered there. happy pitching]

Cult. Magazine @Cult_Mag_: We've switched over our submission manager to submittable. Pitches, queries, and other things of that nature should still be sent to our submissions email,, but everything else can be sent through submittable. Send us some shit! ["All artists who are published will be paid for their work. $25 for online publication and $40 for inclusion in our biannual print edition."]

Maisonneuve Magazine @maisonneuvemag: We are looking for pitches for our spring 2024 issue, which is unthemed. We're interested in long-form journalism that integrates excellent analysis and research into a compelling narrative. Send pitches to by Nov. 20. Guidelines: 
Cristina Maza @CrisLeeMaza: #callforpitches Excited to announce that a new online magazine is looking for stories about political and cultural pluralism – especially quirky international stories w/ a multicultural angle. Rate is $400 for articles between 1,200-3,000 words. Pitch: Deadline: Monday the 27th of November
Noah Michelson @noahmichelson: I have a few slots open for for holiday / end of year / resolution essays for @HuffPost Personal Especially looking for pitches from folks with diverse backgrounds / identities 1000-2000 words I'll need to see a draft but you can always pitch first We're currently at $150 for an essay (that can always change) 

jay @Jacobkupp: We're looking for pitches on: - luck - probability - prediction & modeling - chance encounters - sports gambling - & more for Kernel Magazine Issue 4. read our full call for pitches here: [rates: Essay: short (1000-2000 words, $250) or long (3000+ words, $350); Software criticism: up to 2000 words, $250; Interview: $200. pitches due 11/15

[Adrienne Crezo] @adriennecrezo: PITCH CALL: Freelance writers and infographic/visual designers are welcome to pitch nutrition, food safety, food security, and food policy articles. Details (including rates and what/how to pitch) here: Instructions are at the bottom of the page linked above. I don't monitor my messages here, so please no DMs. CSPI is a 501c3/4 nonprofit organization working to improve the US food supply, food access, and nutrition. We can only accept work from writers living in the US. [pitches accepted on a rolling basis] 

James Pham, the Southeast Asia Destination Editor for Lonely Planet and is "looking for local writers based in one of the below countries for a paid assignment.•the Philippines
•Singapore, Malasia or Brunei

What I'm looking for:
* First-person introduction to the people of the destination to help travelers get a sense of and understand the country better while offering insights into what the people are like
* approximately 700 words
* Focuses on demographics and factual information
* May touch on immigration, the birth rate, any rules regarding name giving, regional differences (and what they have in common), religion, accents, characteristics
* Avoids stereotypes
* Writer must be a local of the destination
Please email me at: with:
* short introduction about yourself, where you're based
* 2-3 links to relevant writing samples
* brief bullet points of ideas you'd like to include
I'll respond with additional details, sample and fee." (from a Facebook group and shared with permission from James)

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