Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Lyndsay Cordell, Managing Editor at Wide Open Eats is currently looking for freelance writers

Writers, especially with knowledge in either food, southern foodways, health, and /or recipes. Pay starts at $.10 a word; higher depending on experience with the subject. DM or email



Gary Phillips, NJ Monthly's New Associate Editor is looking for Sports Pitches

Some personal news: I'm excited to say I'm joining @NJMonthly Magazine as an Associate Editor/Writer! I'll be branching out of sports a bit (but still tackling sports stories when they pop up), something I've been eager to do over the last year or so! I start next Monday! related to NJ!...if you're a writer with pitches, HIT ME UP! I know freelancing is a grind & I'm looking forward to helping out in that department! Email Gary: garyhphillips@outlook .com

Eva Morreale, Assignments Editor Fodors Travel offers Great Advice on Pitching Structure.

How to make sure your pitch gets noticed from someone who reads pitches all day: A Thread...I say all that to say, I feel extremely lucky to have an incredibly wonderful dream job and I love my freelancers. And I'm always looking for Black, BIPOC, womxn, fat, disabled, new, fresh voices to pitch me!!! (So pitch me!!!) <3 [Assignments Editor @fodorstravel] [see full thread for pitching advice below:

****Have the title of your pitch in the subject line. Do not make your subject "Pitch", "Pitch for you", "writer idea" "Paris idea" or "story idea about morocco"

****If you put "Time Sensitive" in a pitch's subject, and the story is not indeed, time sensitive, I will be grumpy. You will loose extra points if you do this and you wrote time sensitive in all caps.

****Structure your pitch like this: Hi, [Editor's name here], I have an idea about X that I think your readers will love. *Sentence about what the main idea here.* *Another sentence about how you plan to approach* (are you interviewing people? etc.)

*****One more sentence about why it's relevant, interesting, fun, funny, whatever* Then introduce yourself and say where you've written and hyperlink your clips. Then sign off!


Versha Sharma, Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue is hiring for a VERY important role: Fashion & Beauty Director!

This is a key member of senior editorial leadership; we'd work closely together. Looking for someone who gets our voice & audience & has fashion editorial experience. Send recs my way! Details below:
Job Description 

Teen Vogue’s Fashion & Beauty Director is an integral part of the senior leadership team and will oversee the publication’s Style sections across platforms, including managing a team and working closely with the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor to direct all fashion & beauty coverage. 

We are looking for a candidate with a strong voice to join our fast-growing digital team and create smart, authentic, multi-platform stories that our audience will want to devour and share. The ideal candidate will be an ideas generator with a voracious appetite for fashion & beauty trends and an eye for stories that critically examine the culture of style from the Teen Vogue perspective (which includes maintaining a sense of humor and fun!). This position reports directly to the Editor-in-Chief.

The person in this position will also work closely with Teen Vogue’s Art Director and the fashion market team to style cover shoots and original feature photography. They will be responsible for continuing existing coverage and franchises, and upholding standards across the site. This is both a top-editing and managerial role, responsible for managing anyone in the Fashion & Beauty team, including a full-time Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor, freelance writers, and contributing editors.

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee fashion & beauty team of senior, mid-level, and junior editors

  • Pitch, assign, and top-edit fashion & beauty editorial content

  • Develop and execute engaging features and packages, managing projects from concept to execution

  • Work with audience development and video team to develop social video content and franchises, including for TikTok and Instagram

  • Coordinate a team to meet all styling needs including editorial fashion & beauty shoots, features, e-commerce, and ad hoc projects

  • Serve as the section point person for the sales and marketing teams and provide them with ideas/assets as needed

  • Work with Editor-in-Chief to represent Teen Vogue at Fashion Weeks and other relevant industry events

  • Manage freelance contributors and payments in a timely manner

Job Qualifications

  • Five (5+) years fashion editorial and/or styling experience — both editorial and styling experience are preferred 

  • At least three (3) years’ experience overseeing a team of writers, editors, and freelancers

  • A big thinker who can collaborate across social, video, branded, and marketing to identify new series and business opportunities

  • Someone with extensive contacts and deep relationships within the fashion & beauty industry, including publicists, stylists, creatives, and more

  • Experience using content management systems and social media platforms

  • Knowledge of relevant celebrities and influencers and the Teen Vogue voice

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