Freelance Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me
There were so many opportunities included in this email that I just shared the entire feed. Lots of opportunities compiled by Sonia Weiser.
It's Freezing in LA! Magazine is an indie about climate change: bright ideas on complex green issues. @itsfreezinginla: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS ISSUE 8 NOW OPEN We are looking for essays, opinion, reviews, features and slow journalism on the topic of 'borders'. All welcome to apply. Send a pitch to by June 17th. See below for more detail.… [We pay £150 per 600 words, and look for articles of 600, 1200 or 2400 words] 

antiracismdaily @antiracismdly: Now accepting pitches for the ARD! $300 for 700-800 words, paid upon publication, on the following topics. Pitches from BIPOC writers prioritized. Email us at🏾
1. Stories of LGBTQ+ experiences as a person of color living in the midwest
2. Insights on the term "Hispanic" and how you may / may not relate to the terminology.
3. The history of Puerto Rico and its fight for independence and autonomy 

mater mea @matermea: CALL FOR PITCHES: Black motherhood site looking for personal essays and reported features. Especially interested in hearing from queer parents. Pay ranges from $100-$250. Email with pitch and link to past writing samples. 

Raga Makawi @MakawiRaga: How is the #COVID19Vaccination program in #Africa unfolding? What are the geographical gaps within and in between countries and what does this variation in coverage suggest about globalisation and public health in postcolonial Africa?Call out for third wave #Covid19 submissions on #DebateIdeas @africaarguments. We publish engaged scholarly/activist writing from and on the continent. Please consult our series for ideas and a sense of what we publish.(rate 200/250$ minimum 800 words)… 

Richard HP  @richardhp: Looking for freelance news reporters to work for @MetroUK *Must* have NCTJ qualifications and worked full time in a newsroom for at least two years. (No "soon-to qualify", sorry) To apply, get in touch with

Sarah Goldstein @certainly_sarah: Rare work tweet: I am looking for a bio writer for a pop-punk band! please send through your recs, femmes and POC to the front please :) 
Budget Travel @BudgetTravel: Calling all travel writers! We have an open pitch window starting today and closing on June 18. For more information on how to pitch us and FAQ, see this:… [Starting rates are $.20/word and increase depending on the experience of the writer. There are additional opportunities to be paid for any photography that accompanies the piece.] 
Martina Guzmán @MGuzman_Detroit@Detroit_Equity & @metrotimes partnered to support BIPOC freelance journalists. We seek pitches about metro Detroit’s Arab community— stories that go beyond the surface and disrupt common narratives — stories that help us understand Arab culture.… [Please send pitches by July 1, 2021.] [via DMs: we pay $700 for a 1000 (roughly) word story.] 

Chloe Ellen Stewart @ChloeStewart: JOB NEWS  A bit late with this, but I’m happy to share that I’m now Showbiz & TV Editor at Daily Star Online. If you’re keen for freelance shifts with a super friendly & hardworking team, email 

paige  @nuclearunicorns: New #freelance opp for anyone who loves home decor, design, and showing off their space! Looking for writers to share their best budget-friendly hacks, wild before + afters, thrift tips, + more #interiordesign stories. RATE: $140+ APPLY:… 
Eric Ting @_ericting: Hate to do the sOmE pErsOnaL nEws tweet but I do have something (hopefully) exciting to share: I'm taking on a new role as editor of @SFGate's brand new politics section we're calling California Issues! We hope to offer a voice + content mix outside of establishment CA media. The biggest thing we want to do is question the conventional wisdom and prevailing narratives around California politics, policy and culture Two such examples: 1. Holding the state's public health apparatus to account and elevating dissenting voices:… 2. Cutting through the carefully cultivated public images of popular and powerful figures and uncovering what they might seek to bury, whether it's a tech exec turned Warriors minority owner or the state's biggest teachers' union……We also want to put a greater emphasis on telling political stories outside of SF, Sacramento, LA and other power centers in the state CA is huge and there are stories to be told from the State of Jefferson to the Central Coast…… We hope to uncover the angles and ask the Qs Calif's legacy political sections miss, in many cases bc of a need to focus on traditional coverage, but also sometimes because of a desire to cater to an existing audience with rigid views on certain issues… If you want to submit a tip, freelance pitch or op-ed, email 

Molly Simms @themollysimms: Writers: I'm sourcing pitches for (funny, frank, inspiring, surprising) personal essays for—ideally 500-1000 wds. Please send your brilliance my way: 

Andy Smith @andysmithlol: Hi! Have a neat idea for a story that involves Charlotte? Pitch me:

Matt Reynolds  @mattsreynolds1: Science journalists! I'm looking for your pitches for the @WiredUK science section Pitching guidelines below – drop me an email at…  

Kya Buller @kyajbuller: I'm back and I want your pitches for @aureliamagazine - we publish personal essays/first-person narratives so send ideas centered on your lived experiences, love, hope, sex, identity, family, friendship etc! Get me on Marginalised genders only We're committed to uplifting stories of LGBTQ+ people year round, but as it's Pride Month I thought I'd give this a boost - would love to hear from you! Email me your ideas again, it's [(£40) for commissioned articles] 
Hannah Walhout @hanhout: hello food/travel/art/fashion/beauty/culture/books writer friends! I'm now editing the front-of-book opener section at T+L and am always taking pitches for newsy bits, Q&As, style roundups, neighborhood maps, etc etc. ESPECIALLY outside of the coasts and W. Europe (i beg of you) pages are limited + not everything can be a yes, of course, but i'm ALWAYS happy to send our pitch guidelines/talk through what we're looking for. project fees range from $400-$800 for up to ~600 words Email is! NB: we work far in advance for print; currently sketching out lineups for November 2021 + beyond. One of the many ways that freelancing for print is v different from digital...always happy to help navigate that stuff 

Briarpatch Magazine @briarpatchmag: We're looking for pitches for our Labour Issue. Some topics we're interested in: - Investigations into corporate practices - Why unions matter - International workers’ solidarity - Anti-work - A just transition - Reproductive labour Pitch by July 1! [$100 – Profiles, short essays, book reviews, and parting shots (generally 1,500 words or less) $200 – Feature stories (generally 2,000-2,500 words) and photo essays $300 – Research-based articles and investigative reporting (generally 2,500-3,000 words)] 

Amy Nordrum @AmyNordrum: Hello, freelancers! Waving hand I’m assigning stories about computing in its many forms: supercomputers, quantum computers, the cloud, chips, AI, and oh so much more. Have an idea? (rates start at $1/word) 

insideWaterloo @InsideWaterloo: It’s Pride Month, and we’re looking for stories touching on the LGBTQ+ experience. Calling all QTPOC writers in Waterloo region. Interested in writing for us? Get in touch with us at  
erin taylor @erinisaway: just going to QRT this but also my email inbox (not dm) is open to pitches for arts stories (features, reviews, criticism, interviews) [quoted tweet: I am now considering arts pitches for April! <3 I like interesting arts features, reviews of quality shows (focus on NYC tho), unique artist profiles, and stories about the state of the arts world email: fine arts is not entertainment at Observer tho (send entertainment pitches to @e_vb_ ) fine arts includes visual arts (of all kinds), ballet/dance, opera, theater, museums/galleries, books, and some films with art focus for transparency my budget is small! my budget for pieces ranges anywhere from $180-$300! I wish I could offer more I enjoy working with writers of a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives! I look forward to your pitches.

Tara Evans  @taraevans [Digital Consumer Editor @TheSun]: Just a reminder to freelancers - particularly personal finance specialists - that I am ALWAYS looking for pitches for features and exclusives. If you want to know what works for us drop me an email with some ideas and we can chat. Thanks! [

Simon Brew @simonbrew: Looking to commission a fresh batch of @whynowworld features over the next week. Films, TV, games: if you've got interesting ideas, pitch them my way! [Adds in another tweet: Sorry: forgot to say, I can't take pitches via Twitter DM or LinkedIn I'm afraid. Way too many of them, and it's hard enough keeping up with emails. Sorry! Should have said that before...More info about pitching him in this thread] [via DMs: Whynow pays £150 per piece] 

Sarah Robinson @saraheawn: Hey #PublicHealthTwitter I’m the Health Equity Promoter with @thesexmed + we’re looking for writers for our educational platform! Check us out and send me a DM if interested. We’re looking to publish pieces that highlight sexual health topics missing from healthcare curriculum. [pitch form with more info:, form about optional honorarium ($60)

Dani Golub @dani_golub: Fellow writers! -- Looking for a freelance script writer for an entertainment/celebrity news outlet. This would be a regular freelance gig and you are paid per piece. DM me if interested. Must be a celebrity news expert!  [via DMs: We are looking for someone who is a pop culture expert who can turn around 3 (ish) minute scripts in around an hour. Outlet is Clevver News (Hearst Magazines) and pay is per post. I believe it's $40 a story (they should only take an hour)] 

OrderoftheGoodDeath @OrderGoodDeath: Want to write for us? Great! Here’s our pitch guide, to help you know more about what we’re looking for. [Most of our advocacy centers on the ways we think about, remember, and interact with our dead, as well as ensuring that all people have access to a good death, and the resources needed to achieve it, so the articles we publish will reflect this...We are a small nonprofit organization, so it is not nearly as much as we’d like, but we value you and your labor. Rates begin at $150+ and vary depending on length, reporting, field work, etc.]

James Yeh  @jamesyeh: Some personal news: I am delighted to share that I am now the reviews editor of @believermag. I'd love to see pitches for upcoming, misunderstood, and/or underappreciated works—books, films, TV, art, music, performance—that you'd like to write about. So you know, we are currently commissioning stories for our Dec/Jan 2022 edition, themed “The Attention Issue.” What works capture our attention in original, timely, or challenging ways? What works eschew it?What does it mean to make work in our online attention economy, measured in engagement time and CTR? What might it look like to refuse those demands? How can we better—more intentionally, perhaps—train our attention to the things that truly matter? Should we even want to do that? Could all this attention to attention just be another trap, exploitation that's then commodified and sold right back to us, at markup rates? What roles and perspectives are available to us as writers, artists, and readers? These are just a few of the questions I'd love to see engaged in the review-essay form! Or even microreview or department form. Would be great to see pitches (or existing drafts, if you already have them) in the next few weeks (say, June 23). In addition, we are open—as always—to other, non-Attention Issue-related pitches and submissions. You can write me at with "pitch" in the headline. Thank you for considering! For print reviews, it’s $150-250, depending on length. The rate for departments is $300. For microreviews it’s $50.  

Christ & Pop Culture @christandpc: Call for Pitches: Perspective [We pay $75 for each magazine feature accepted and published. Send a one-paragraph pitch by noon Monday, June 7

Henry Tolley @htolleyeditor: We are looking for queer writers to pitch for our Pride Through the Pandemic theme for @chapterzmag HMU we’re currently paying £30 for published pieces. DM me or email with pitches 

scott gordon @scottgordonwi: Periodic reminder that @ToneMSN accepts pitches for reported pieces and commentary on culture and politics in the Madison area, and we pay writers. Reach us at Please read our pitch guidelines first though! Reported features are in the $150-$300 range, but will negotiate up based on the scope of work. 

Kyle Sammin @KyleSammin: Starting this week, I will be senior editor at @PhillyWeekly. Philly-area writers, if you have a story, pitch it to me!


Jessica Noah Morgan™🇯🇲 מלכּה @jnoahmorgan: Freelancers — I am commissioning for The Face (digi). I'd love to hear from you. Please pitch: Note: Please have a look at the website and familiarise yourself with what we publish. Please send fully formed pitches with bullet points. Attaching a pitching template that I've used in the past & have shared with my mentees. Make sure you sell yourself & believe in your sauce. Think: Who, what, when, where, how, why? [text in image: Pitching template Suggested headline: How would you see this on the website? Keep it short, sweet, and SELL IT! What's the story? A brief summary Why would like this? Explain what the publication's readership would gain from it. Have they published a piece like this before, and if so, how would this piece be different? Why now? NEWS HOOK. Why is it current, and why would people click/read this story now? Why me? This is where you sell yourself. Why should you be the one commissioned to write this story; what expertise or knowledge do you have? Have you done your research, what stats, case studies or interviews have you lined up? When can I file the copy? Give the editor a timeframe in which you can complete this work Word count: Suggest a suitable word count. 600-800 words for a news feature, 800-1,200 for long reads. Fee: An editor, when commissioning, will tell you what their budget is. Examples of your work: Always link to your portfolio here.] PLEASE: Put "PITCH" or "TIMELY PITCH" as your email subject line :) thank you. 

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