Have you Ever Been Asked to Take a Test For a Freelancing Gig? My Advice...

Have you Ever Been Asked to Take a Test For a Freelancing Gig? My Advice...


It seems pretty costumery for media outlets to have a team (string) of freelance or contract writers working different shifts regurgitating the information that in the matrix. It's the sad stage of media but it's also a good way for freelancers like us to make some money on the side or part time.

I've been fortunate to work with a few outlets over the years that pay a nice amount per hour $25-$50 to write these 300-450 word articles  (3-5 per shift) that are populated on their websites. It's usually your job as the freelancer to craft an article with the same information but in the voice of the media outlet.

Sometimes you'll have to do a small bit of research just to verify the information and to get another perspective. You're essentially given the stories and asked to craft an article.

In the past I've worked with TheGrio, ItaliaVogue's VBlack, Blackfilm and most recently I applied to be a freelance stringer with Women's Health, which is a part of Hearst.

The hiring editor was impresed with my samples but asked that I take a Test?

My first reaction was, "A Test?! I haven't taken a test for my writing skills in years!"

If you've never been asked to take a test, be forewarned, at some point in your career you will be. Here's my advice and what to expect. Go through it and show them what you got.  I've included an examples, one of an actual test (Avon) and another for my communication with an editor.


Hi Darralynn,

Thank you for reaching out! It's definitely not too late. 

Thank you so much for your interest in the part-time stringer role at Women's Health. I took a look at your clips, and I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a paid edit test for the role.

Essentially, you'd do a test day as a stringer, and we would pay you $100 to write two quick-turn articles. 
Let me know if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Maridel Reyes

Deputy Digital Editor Women’s Health

HEARST Magazines

300 W 57th Street | 19th Floor | New York, NY 10019


Thanks, Darralynn! I'm CCing Jennifer Neid, our news editor who will be giving the test. She'll be in touch with more details. 
Looking forward to it!


Morning Darralynn,

It’s great to connect. Are you available to do your test day tomorrow (Thursday August 4)? You would start at 9:30 am EST and write the two stories as assigned with quick (30-45 min turnaround). The story assignments are based on day-of news, so they could come anytime throughout business hours (though we’d aim to send earlier rather than later).

If not, I know that’s very short notice, are there days the week of Aug. 16 that would work?




Jennifer Nied

Associate Editor Women’s Health 

HEARST Magazines

300 W 57th Street | 19th Floor | New York, NY 10019




Hi Darralynn,

Thanks so much for meeting with Lloyd on Friday.

He advised that the interview went extremely well.

We are in the process of reviewing a test that will be sent to you shortly as part of the 2nd phase interview process. (Lloyd advised that he has discussed this with you)


Megan Coetzee
Jnr Recruiter

www.liquorice.co.za  | t: +27872550986

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