Have you heard of Allure Magazine's "The Melanin Edit" Section? Here are the Editors

Have you heard of Allure Magazine's

The Melanin Edit, is a new platform in which Allure editors and contributors explore every facet of a melanin-rich life — from the most innovative treatments for hyperpigmentation to the social and emotional realities — all while spreading Black pride.

“Crown” is often the word used to describe Black women’s hair. The metaphor is fitting because our hair can be molded into many intricate styles — from structural braids and locs to freeform coils and Technicolor weaves. But the symbolism goes deeper than that. We have used this mark of royalty to fight the lasting remnants of colonialism and the European beauty ideals that would make those with brown skin and textured hair feel inferior. This is The Melanin EditHere, we are celebrating hair: the traditions around styling it, the celebration that surrounds it, and, most importantly, the innovation of the artists that use it as a majestic medium.

Here are the editors.

Jihan Forbes, EDITOR

About Me: Love Beyoncé, bouncy curls, moisturizing, and minding my own business.
Email: jihan_forbes@condenast.com

Hair Texture: Curly Kinky 3C
Hair Color: Natural dark brown hair
Biggest Hair Concern: Frizz and curl retention
Skin Tone: Medium dark with golden undertones
Skin Type: Combination
The Product(s) I Always Run Out Of: Conditioner
Biggest Beauty Indulgence: Hair braiding


About Me: Native New Yorker (BK all day), lover of long-wear lipstick, hot sauce obsessed.   
Email: nykia_spradley@condenast.com

Hair Texture: A curly mashup of 3B to 4A coils 
Hair Color: Dark brown 
Skin Tone: Medium brown with yellow/golden undertones. 
Skin Type: Combo
The Product I Always Run Out Of: Face oil
Beauty Product I Can’t Live Without: Liquid lipstick and sunscreen 
Biggest Beauty Indulgence: Laser hair removal 

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