HelloBeautiful is What Essence Use to Be: Groundbreaking

 Source: JD Barnes for HelloBeautiful / Dress: Marmar Halim/Hat: Gigi Burris/ Shoes: Schutz

Because this is my personal blog and these are my personal words, I can say what the hell I wanna say. Plus this post might piss some folks off at Essence Magazine but those folks don't answer my calls anyway so who really cares. 

Seeing the work that Shamika Sanders and her team are doing at HelloBeautiful reminds me what Essence use to be, Groundbreaking. Bresha Webb, although deserving of a cover for the work that she's put in Hollywood but they made her look cover gorgeous and that my friend is the groundbreaking work that Hellobeautiful is doing. 

I love me some Bresha. I've loved her since she starred against Marlon Wayans who can get overbearing in a scene. But she held her own. Now she's starring in a black Sex in the City series on Starz called "Run the World."


In the article that was so beautifully written by Keyaira Boone we get to see just how much of an actors actor Bresha really is.


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