How Issa Rae's 'Insecure' Makes Political Commentary Through Wardrobe

How Issa Rae's 'Insecure' Makes Political Commentary Through Wardrobe

by FonzFranc Alfonso François for Blavity.

Powerful black fashion statements on the influential and relatable HBO series.

Since its 2016 inception, HBO's Insecure has garnered a heavy following thanks to its strikingly empathetic script. The eventful lives of characters, like, Issa, Molly, Lawrence and others, have become talking points in our homes, and even on our social media feeds and timelines. We see ourselves, be it entirely or in small ways, reflected throughout the show's juicy scenarios and overall stellar storytelling.

Now, after a successful run of its second season, Insecure has been hitting us heavy with content. In addition to providing us with topics on relationships, lifestyle, sex and professional endeavors, we can also add "how to make powerful statements with fashion" to the mix. 

It wasn't until this season of the show that some of us take into account how wardrobe can aide in character development. If effectively done, wardrobe can even be a character entirely on its own.


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