Introducing Cover Star of UPROXX's August Issue, Chloe Bailey

Introducing Cover Star of UPROXX's August Issue, Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey Covers UPROXX's August Issue

After gaining recognition with her sister as the singing duo Chloe x Halle on YouTube, a record deal with Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment followed suit. Then came their debut project, 2016’s Sugar Symphony, followed by the spotlight-earning The Two Of Us in 2017. The trifecta was secured in 2018 with their official debut album The Kids Are Alright, a career-solidifying body of work that documented a coming-of-age story laced with moments of brute honesty and impressive displays of strength. It was a breakthrough that earned the Bailey sisters two Grammy nominations. Even with this decade-long list of achievements and accolades, there are certain aspects of present-day Chlöe that even her earliest supporters did not see coming.

"I am so happy people care about what I'm doing. Ninety percent of things out there about me are complete lies and rumors, but I love proving people wrong…One day, I hope people can really get to see who I truly am as a human being as opposed to this facade of a person that they think I am."

Chloe Bailey

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Writer: Wongo Okon

Wongo Okon is a 23-year-old music journalist based in Providence, Rhode Island. He is currently the SEO Manager at UPROXX where he also serves as the R&B writer. He’s conducted album reviews, interviews, op-eds, columns, and more since the start of 2020. He began his journalism career back in 2017 as a staff writer for the music publication 2DopeBoyz. Since then, he’s also made contributions to BET Music, Pitchfork, and REVOLT.

Photographer: Gunner Stahl

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