Introducing The New Deputy Editor Of WIRED Features Team, Michelle Legro

Introducing The New Deputy Editor Of WIRED Features Team, Michelle Legro

Let's All Meet Michelle Legro, The New Deputy Editor Of WIRED

"🎉🎶 PERSONNEL NEWS🎶🎉 Today is my first day as Deputy Editor on the incredible features team @WIRED. Getting my bearings here at the moment, but I'm beyond excited to work with @Mstreshinsky
and this killer team to bring you the very best longform narratives. More very soon!"

Michelle is an experienced editor of longform journalism and visual features with a demonstrated history of working in digital and print media. Skilled in feature editing, editorial management, budget management, idea development, and talent development, with a long roster of established and upcoming writers. Many of the writers I've edited have received agent offers and book deals based on our work together.

She was a Deputy Editor for Medium’s magazine of politics, culture, and power, GEN. Previously held senior editor positions at Topic, Longreads, The New Republic, and Lapham's Quarterly, and have been a contributing editor for Radiolab, Columbia Journalism Review, and No Man’s Land, the biannual magazine of The Wing.


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