Lena Felton Departs The Washington Post To Join POPSUGAR.

Lena Felton Departs The Washington Post To Join POPSUGAR.

Introducing Lena Felton, POPSUGAR's New Director of Special Content

Lena Felton was a features editor of the gender & identity section at The Washington Post. She's originally from Marin county, California, and graduated from Harvard University in May 2017.

Lena Felton edited the gender & identity section within the features department at the washington post, leading a team of writers, editors, designers and photo editors to create impactful journalism that elevates diverse voices. Before that, her title was deputy editor of the lily, the washington post’s platform for millennial women; led the emergence of that product into the larger newsroom. She managed the team, coordinate their daily story budget, edit all stories and off-platform content, spearhead larger editorial packages and manage freelance contributors.

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Follow Lena Felton on Twitter: @lenakfelton, Instagram: @lenakfelton and LinkedIn: Lena Felton

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