Lizzo Graces Cover of Variety

Lizzo Graces Cover of Variety

Introducing The Cover Star of Variety's Latest Issue - Lizzo

When Lizzo talks with Variety in a lengthy Zoom conversation from her home in Los Angeles, her three Grammys visible in the background, she shares details about new music she’s recorded for an album to be released later this year. Lizzo also reveals how the reality show cameras captured an emotional breakdown she had on Instagram Live shortly after she dropped her long-anticipated single “Rumors.” Fame, she realized, doesn’t shield you from hurtful bigots.

"I used to hold in my emotions so much it was like a ticking time bomb. I said what I had to say, and I honestly felt better. I got to walk into this room of women who looked like me and who would understand exactly what I’m going through, and I got to play the song and be in that moment with them. It genuinely moved me to tears. It was one of those things that happened in my life that was a blessing."

— Lizzo


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