Amanda Gorman Graces Cover of Allure's March Issue

Amanda Gorman Graces Cover of Allure's March Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of Allure's March Issue - Amanda Gorman

Already a National Youth Poet Laureate, best-selling author, and inaugural sensation, Gorman recently added Estée Lauder Global Changemaker to her list of honors. It’s a first-of-its-kind partnership that will have Gorman doing much more than modeling makeup. As part of the deal, the beauty brand will contribute $3 million to Writing Change, a literacy initiative of which Gorman will be the curator.

“As a Black female poet, I think so many people expected my poems to be angry because of that schema. I’m like, yes, I have the right to be angry. But I wanted to really have freedom to speak with hope in the same way that white male poets get to do. Why can’t that voice of a people, a generation, come from someone who looks like me? Not too long ago, my ancestors would’ve been persecuted for reading and writing, and I’m the inaugural poet of the United States. If anything, as a Black woman, I feel like that makes me the most hopeful.”

Amanda Gorman




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