Magazine Freelancers: It's Time to Ask for More Money. Here's How.

Magazine Freelancers: It's Time to Ask for More Money. Here's How.

Experienced Magazine Freelancers: It's Time to Ask for More Money.

This blog post only applies to those freelancers that have written at least two articles successfully for an editor and is working on a second or possibly third article at the same rate.

Days of $$$ thousand-dollar feature have long gone in the digital age where content is being pumped out ever second. That's both good and bad for us freelancers because that means that while there are MORE opportunities for us to have several streams of income, it also means that we have to write more for less money.

Most media outlets these days pay between $200 - $800 per article these days for a digital article but don't believe the hype. They can pay MORE if we as a community demand it.

It can be scary to ask for more money, especially when you just glad to be working. I get it. But here's where you start to add more value to your work. 


Does an assignment require you to do research? Secure and conduct interviews? And provide images? Then you should be asking for more money.

Baby Steps:

As in any relationship, asking for MORE can be tricky so you have to feel the room. If your editor enjoys working with you and most editors DO enjoy working with writers that are passionate about writing, meet deadlines and come up with crafty story ideas, they will OK a raise. Or at least give you a reason why.



Produce good work for a reputable media outlet. You should have written at least one or 2 articles for this editor or this publication before. You should know or have been paid by this entity before.


Explain the EXTRA put into writing the article - Research, Interviews, Transportation...etc.


With confidence ask for a $25, $50 or $100 addition as you love to continue to produce great work. Most editorial teams have that to spare and want to keep yo writing.


Always accompany a raise request with a few article ideas that you think would be perfect that specific editor.

While this method only works for editors that actually HAVE the money, my thought is

"Closed Mouths Don't get Fed."





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