Meet Charli Penn, The New Executive Lifestyle Director of Apartment Therapy Media and They Are Looking For Pitches. Get them In!

Meet Charli Penn, The New Executive Lifestyle Director of Apartment Therapy Media and They Are Looking For Pitches. Get them In!

Introducing the New Executive Lifestyle Editor of Apartment Therapy Media, Charlie Penn

Charli Penn is a nationally recognized digital journalist who writes in the name and praise of love. With 10+ years experience reporting on relationships, dating, marriage, sex and weddings, Charli is your digital go-to-girl for all real-talk on love.

The award-winning journalist, editor, and relationships coach has devoted her career to empowering women to cherish and cultivate healthy and happy relationships. Previously, she was the Relationships and Wellness Director of ESSENCE Magazine, the Webby-nominated host of Yes, Girl! podcast and The Solve Podcast. In a past life, she was the founder of popular marriage advice blog Man, Wife (And Dog!), one of the first of it’s kind on the Internet.

This proud wife currently resides in New Jersey where she maintains a happy home with her devoted husband of nine years, Gibran, and their lovable Yorkie, Karma. She prides herself on being 100-percent honest with her readers and open to continuous dialogue on the topics she covers through speaking publicly about love and healthy relationships.

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Follow Charli Penn on Twitter: @ManWifeDog and Instagram: @charlipenn

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Got a pitch in mind? Apartment Therapy Wants To Hear From You!

Apartment Therapy Posted:

"Apartment Therapy is seeking new writers with fresh ideas and perspectives, and we’d love to hear from you! Got a pitch in mind? Get to know our verticals better and see what each editor is looking for:"


A few things to keep in mind when pitching a story idea for Apartment Therapy:

  1. First, check to make sure we haven’t already published it. The site search is pretty robust, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check by searching the topic on Google, as well. If they’ve published it before, let them know what you’d do to make it different/new/more timely.
  2. Describe what you’re aiming to write in a paragraph or less. As long as you have a headline (and an angle/frame), a description of sources and framework/outline it’ll follow, you’ll be in good shape! Remember: A good pitch will share what, why now, why you should write it, and why it should be written. Be as specific as possible, but please do not attach a full draft.
  3. And try to come up with a working headline. This by no means has to be what ends up getting published, but a working headline will give us an idea of the angle you’re hoping to take, and how you’d frame the topic (e.g. is it a list? A feature? An explainer? A Q&A? A how-to? Something else entirely? We’d love to know!).
  4. If you have clips of previous writing, a personal website, or author page, please share and link! The clearer idea you can give of how and what you write, the better!

The more focused and specific your idea, the better (and always include a few examples of what you would write about!). So, think on how you can turn an idea into a really great pitch that will get accepted even faster. For example:

  • An idea: Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Ideas –> Really great pitch: These Cute $TK Organizing Bins Doubled My Closet Space
  • An idea: What I Learned When I Moved in With My In-Laws –> Really great pitch: The Smartest Cleaning Lessons I Learned from Living with My In-Laws

Got all that? Great! Feel free to pitch to the appropriate editor.

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