Meet Stephanie Ogbogu, A Content Decision-Maker at

Meet Stephanie Ogbogu, A Content Decision-Maker at

If you're a freelancer like me, you've had the hardest time connecting with the editorial team at Blavity. It is done purposely.


Housed in LA, Blavity are geniuses at collecting data, not distributing data like They are experts at what they do and when there are posts that live in FB, Twitter and IG about blavity's editorial team, you start to pay attention.

Last week inside of a FB Group there was a cry for someone, anyone, that knowns someone that responds at Blavity? And Stephanie Ogbogu herself responded saying: 

"I’m the Sr. Manager of Editorial Operations at Blavity Inc. I oversee the editorial for all the Blavity brands — Afrotech, Blavity, 21 Ninety, Shadow & Act, Travel Noire"

Because we celebrate these type of things, we thought our audience would want to learn something about the fabulous Stephanie Ogbogu and what she has accomplished in the media space. Here's her email address:


I met Stephanie while she worked with Revolt and soon after she was introduced to the Blavity family and has grown with the brand.


Stephanie did a Q&A with Rolling Out Magazine back in 2016 when Stephanie was making moves at BallerAlert. She grew up in Austin Texas, place of SXSW and believes P Diddy is her spirit animal.

"Growing up I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry, I just wasn’t sure in what way. I was in a singing group in high school, I was interested in broadcast journalism, creative writing,  graphics design, you name it, I did it. Unfortunately, living in Austin, Texas, in the ’90s-early 2000s, there weren’t really ample opportunities in the entertainment field. I was always pretty active in social media. Back then MySpace, BlackPlanet and Paxed were my go to. I happened to meet a few people on social media who lived in my city and were involved in the field I was interested in. In exchange for them showing me the ropes, I bartered services like graphic design, website building, personal assisting, etc. The rest is history."


Much more about Stephanie and the team at Blavity inside the Big Fat Media Guide.

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