Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Freelance Opportunities For Freelancers Like Me

Ben Allen, British GQ's Associate Digital Editor is Looking For Pitches

"Would love to hear some more culture pitches for the month of March for
@BritishGQ! Hit me up @"
"Any freelancers out there already seen Top Boy s4? Looking for some pitches.... (not interviews/ reviews but reactive pieces about what happens in the series itself)"
Email Ben Allen at:

Oli Franklin-Wallis Rejoined British GQ as Features Editor and He is Looking For Pitches

"Writers, pitch me your wildest yarns, your dream profiles, the essays only you can write. Doesn't matter if you haven't written longform before - in fact, even better if you haven't! We want to champion new voices, fresh ideas. Stories that will move and startle you."


Mini Smith, Features writer GH Magazine is Calling Freelance Journalists

"Calling freelance journalists! @GHmagazine is looking to expand its pool of writers from underrepresented backgrounds. If this is you, please drop me an email (in bio) with some examples of your work💕 + if you know someone great, let me know! #journorequest"

Email Mini Smith at


Ella Dove is looking for journalists with UK National Press Experience to Pitch Ideas For Summer Issues of GH, Prima and Red

"Calling #freelancers - I'm looking for journalists with UK national press experience to pitch ideas for summer issues of GH, Prima and Red. Please email your ideas to Particularly keen on case-study led real life/memoir ideas!#journorequest #journalists"

Email Her at


Amanda Terkel, Editorial Director at HuffPost Posts A Reminder That They Are Always Looking For Good Pitches

"We’re always looking for good freelance pitches here at HuffPost. If you ever have any ideas, please email me! Address in my bio."

"I should have included this link earlier — apologies I didn’t! Feel free to send me pitches for national and politics stories. But for others, send to the email address listed here. Thanks for all your interest!"

Email Amanda Terkel at


Ray Wong, Deputy Editor of Reviews, Guides, Gaming at InputMag is Looking Freelance Writers Who Are Really into VR

"🚨ATTN: freelance writers who are really into VR 🚨

Do you have a cool VR story idea? Get in touch with me!

Good VR story = I PAY YOU for publishing on@inputmag!

Rates start at $325+ flat rate."
Email Ray at


Carli Whitwell, Director, Editorial Operations at Refinery29 is Looking Pitches for Refinery29's Single Files

"We are looking for pitches for @Refinery29's Single Files, personal essays that explore the unique joys and challenges of being single right now. Have your own idea you'd like to submit? Email"



L'Oréal Blackett Refinery29's New Unbothered UK Editor and She's Looking For Pitches

"🚨A belated personal news klaxon… I am EXTREMELY pleased to share that I am the new Unbothered UK editor @Refinery29. I’ll be writing and commissioning stories that entertain, challenge & inform Black women and non-binary ppl here in the UK. Come at me with your pitches! (bio)."

Email Her at



Allegra Frank, Senior Editor at Slate is Looking For Pitches

"i am eager to have a POC / non-cismale freelancer write for us on TURNING RED! send me a pitch! DMs are open and email is in bio; $200 starting rate"
"also while i have your attention i am regularly looking for pitches on internet culture / fandom / music! same rate applies"
Email Allegra Frank at


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