Oscar Winner Regina King graces the cover of Marie Claire's November issue

Oscar Winner Regina King graces the cover of Marie Claire's November issue

That face. That body. That presence. That talent. That longevity. Regina King is giving it all in Marie Claire’s November issue, appropriately titled the “Ambition Issue.”

Photography by @ThomasWhiteside
Styling by @memsor
Interview by @sarah_m_broom
Hair: @queen_philonese for @goldenstrandsint
Makeup: @makeupbylatrice
Manicure: @nailsbyamandadean for @FrenchiesWoodbury
Set Design: Jaquelinne Cingolani
Production: @joyasburyproductions

On the verge of her superhero moment in HBO’s Watchmen, King is reminding us that she’s more than built for the role, in a sleek spread for the magazine, photographed by Thomas Whiteside.

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“The fact of the matter is that Regina King is not having a moment. Regina King is here to stay, in the way that Meryl Streep was having a moment when ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ came out, and 30 years later she’s still having a moment in ‘Big Little Lies.’ Regina King is one of if not the greatest living actor. And we have only just begun to see what she is capable of.” @Watchmen creator @damonlindelof can't wait for the world to see @iamreginaking as Sister Night. Visit the link to learn how the superhero role was made for King and why she genuinely believes ‘comfort zones are where dreams go to die.’ | Photography by @ThomasWhiteside Styling by @memsor Interview by @sarah_m_broom Hair: @queen_philonese for @goldenstrandsint Makeup: @makeupbylatrice Manicure: @nailsbyamandadean for @FrenchiesWoodbury Set Design: Jaquelinne Cingolani Production: @joyasburyproductions

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