Publishing News from Detroit

Publishing News from Detroit

Crain takes Autoweek digital-only, inks licensing deal with Hearst…

Effective immediately, Hearst Magazines has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Crain Communications to take over the business and editorial operations of Autoweek as a “digital and experiential brand." Some may look at this as a disappointment but for those of use in the digital Content Creation game, this is great news. 

In an announcement, Hearst said Autoweek‘s existing staff will remain based in Detroit, but will report to Hearst Autos’ New York-based head of special projects, Patrick Carone, who joined the company in August after earlier tenures at Entrepreneur and Maxim magazines, among others.

Car and Driver serves car lovers and shoppers. Road & Track is for the auto enthusiast. Autoweek’s legacy of delivering the most current and compelling news around cars and car culture perfectly rounds out the portfolio,” said Hearst Autos CEO Matt Sanchez in a statement, adding that Hearst intends to continue to invest in Autoweek‘s “ambitious content.”

In the same announcement, KC Crain, Crain Communications’ president and COO, noted that Autoweek had been the only remaining consumer-facing title in Crain’s portfolio, which also includes Ad Age, industry-focused Automotive News and four regional Crain’s Business publications, among several other B2B brands.

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