Saucy Santana Graces Cover of Teen Vogue's June Issue

Saucy Santana Graces Cover of Teen Vogue's June Issue

Introducing The Cover Star of Teen Vogue's June Issue, Material Gworl Saucy Santana

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, before growing up in Tallahassee, Florida, he spent his teen years developing a taste for luxury and personal style, a material girl in his own right, rocking nails and purses. His parents helped shape his taste for the finer things. “My mom was always the GM or the head manager at her job. My dad was a celebrity bodyguard,” says Santana, whose legal name is Rashad Spain. “I seen a lot of luxurious things early, which helped me be a material girl.”

“Before, I didn't want to be labeled a gay rapper. Then, in the middle of my career, I started to embrace it because I just felt like it was helpful to my culture and to my people.”

Saucy Santana

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