Steve Harvey Interviewed by Michael B. Jordan for Paper Magazine

Steve Harvey Interviewed by Michael B. Jordan for Paper Magazine

Interview by Michael B. Jordan / Fashion direction by Elly Karamoh / Photography by Braylen Dion / Intro by Shannon Stokes

While Michael B. Jordan is in the midst of production for Creed 3 in Atlanta, Steve Harvey called up the actor and director (who’s currently dating his daughter, Lori) to talk about transforming his personal style, staying relevant for decades of TV and achieving the "unthinkable."

Michael B. Jordan: I’m in the trenches, man, but it’s good.

Steve Harvey: They’ve got your motherfucking ass bent back.

Michael: Bro, there’s no relief. Even the weekends, all you doing is get ready for the next week. But we halfway through, it's crazy, we're already halfway done.

Steve: How much you think you got left?

Michael: I got another six weeks to go. Another five here and then we finish everything up in Los Angeles.

Steve: How long has it been total? How much you done put into this?

Michael: Officially, maybe a year and a half. But I've been daydreaming and getting everything together for it for maybe the past three years, ever since Creed 2.

Steve: And then what happens is, people see a 90-minute feature film. They look at where you at, and they don't even realize, man, the shit it takes to get where you at.

Michael: The end result, that’s what everybody wants. They want that meal after we spent hours in the kitchen, cooking and chopping and preparing. Or if it’s a look, fashion-wise, all the steps and fittings you have to go through, the tailoring, the fabric, the different patterns. They want that finished product, how you look on the carpet, how you look in the photograph. But all the time we put into this process, with the movies and stuff, it ain't for the faint of heart.

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