The Black Brit who Saved the World covers the June issue of WIRED

The Black Brit who Saved the World covers the June issue of WIRED

Marcus Hutchins, a 20-something, black man from England, literally saved the world and you didn't even know about.

You hear the word 'Hacker' and a pale white boy who spends way too much time in his basement comes to mind. Not the curly-haired black man who drinks to much with his friends. That makes Marcus Hutchins a minority and in our eyes a great idea of diversity on the WIRED editorial team. The fact that he's black and from the UK who was instrumental in stopping an international cyberattack is what makes the story so intriguing.

You'll learn that Yes, Marcus is a geek and yes, he's a nerd that spends too much time behind his computer screen, yes, but who is also smart as hell.


Upon reading the article, you'll learn that he single-handedly figured out the code to kill a cyber worm, his expertise. He saves the world, literally and then goes out to celebrate with friends in Vegas. Remember he's 23 at the time.

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Then the FBI snatches him up and well you need to read the story.

I'm sure there will be a movie out about him soon enough if Idris Elba hasn't started producing it already.

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