The Newly Renovated Kingsley Bloomfield Hills Hotel Helps Get Focus

The Newly Renovated Kingsley Bloomfield Hills Hotel Helps Get Focus

Since being laid off what I thought was my dream job 2 weeks ago my life seems like it’s been on hyper drive. While to some that might be a great thing; for me it’s going back to a life that I’ve strategically tried to pivot from. I’m so humbled and appreciative of all of the people that called to work with me, to share their stories of being laid off and to let me know that I’m not on this journalist journey alone. 

That’s why, when given the opportunity to experience the newly renovated Kingsley Hotel of Doubletree Hilton in Bloomfield Hills, just 30 mins away from Detroit, I jumped at the chance.

To become more focused on building a dynamic team of Content Creators; partnering with brands that share my focus and continue to share experiences of my Life As a Working Journalist can be considered a blessing to come out of an abrupt lay off.

Being able to get refocused and intentional in a beautifully designed hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub just for me is straight up healing.

Walking into the front door offers a welcoming decor that screams modern and eclectic with brushes of copper, silver and golden embellishments that pop.

During my check in, I received my first rose which I’m assuming is because of the Valentine’s Day season but nonetheless, it made me feel special to be given a single rose just for being a patron. And the fact that the reception desk included two women of color was even more gratifying.

The new development is huge and if your room is in another section of this massive structure, it can feel as if you’re walking for a mile. There are two sets of elevators to plan your route beforehand. My room was fairly far from the middle elevator but conveniently stationed a few steps away from the 2nd set of elevators that led right to the Zelman’s Deli, Joe Muers Seafood Restaurant and my favorite place, the pool and hot tub.

The Kingsley at 39475 Woodward Ave. is special because of its indoor pool, hot tub, spacious rooms, balconies and strong drinks at the Duke, its specialty bar; the perfect escape from the city to get things back in order.

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