Top Paid Black Journalists and their Mentorship Efforts

Top Paid Black Journalists and their Mentorship Efforts
As top Black journalists in America, Robin Roberts, Gayle King, and Lester Holt have made significant strides in their respective fields, breaking barriers and inspiring millions with their compelling stories. However, one aspect of their work that often goes unnoticed is their commitment to mentorship and philanthropy, which speaks volumes about their character and the way they see their roles in society.

For instance, Robin Roberts, a co-anchor of ABC's "Good Morning America," has been actively involved in mentoring young journalists and media professionals. In 2018, she established the "Robin Roberts Internship Program," which provides college students with the opportunity to intern at ABC News in New York and gain hands-on experience in broadcast journalism. This program aims to diversify newsrooms and support underrepresented groups in the media industry.

Similarly, Gayle King, a co-anchor of CBS's "This Morning," has been a strong advocate for education and youth empowerment. She has supported various organizations that promote literacy, such as the Children's Defense Fund and the United Negro College Fund. King has also mentored several young women, including Oprah Winfrey, who credits King with being one of her closest confidantes and supporters.

Finally, Lester Holt, an anchor for NBC Nightly News, has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, particularly those focused on supporting the military and veterans. He has worked closely with organizations such as the USO and Homes For Our Troops to provide assistance and resources to servicemen and women. Holt has also been a mentor to many aspiring journalists, both on and off-camera, offering guidance and advice to those who seek his wisdom.

While these top black journalists have achieved great success in their careers, their mentorship and philanthropy efforts reveal a deeper level of humility and commitment to making a difference in their communities. Through their actions, Roberts, King, and Holt have shown that they are not just journalists, but also compassionate human beings who use their platform to inspire and uplift others.

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