Top Ten Magazine Covers of 2019

Top Ten Magazine Covers of 2019
It's the end of a decade and 2019 was a wonderful year in magazine covers. We've collaborated on our very best Covers of the year from Number 10 to the top spot of Number One:

Number #10

Esquire put Sam Jackson on their April 2019 cover with the release of Captain Marvel. With the use of vibrant color against his flawless skin, this cover spoke to me and just fell in love.

Number #9

Fast Company has really stepped up its cover game by adding vibrant covers to faces that appeal to young hungry go-getters in their fields. We LOVE so many covers of the year that we couldn't just choose one.

Number #8

Sports Illustrated, although they've gone out of print, they have NOT lost any brand identity when it comes to displaying swimsuit models as diverse as the people that read this magazine. Putting Tyra in a gorgeous yellow body-baring bikini was genius and we LOVE this and have it on display in the office. Yes, Tyra!

Number #7

In August Instyle did their annual Baddass Women issue with Janelle Monae on its cover with a lime green outfit and large bunned hairpiece. It blew us away with the blue eyeliners and large-brimmed fedora hat. BOSS!!!!

Number #6

It was a sad year because one of our favorites Teen Vogue went out of print but they stepped up their Cover designs online and we LOVE the bold difference. There are more photos and much fewer words and much more focused on the cover subject and we LOVE it.

Number #5

GQ's Men of the Year was Keanu Reeves and they shoot him and the cover in Black and White which was beautiful and so raw that we couldn't help but LOVE it. You felt him in every shot and we felt this issue.

Number #4

Along the same line, Allure put Adut Akech on their cover in a stark black against her glowing skin and red top with red spectacles which is unheard of. WE LOVED it. Those lips give us life.

Number #3

Hype Hair has stepped up its cover game with a futuristic layout and design which adds so many layers to their 2019 covers. This one of Draya was so well written and photographed and a great example of what BOSSES do with just the right opportunity. We LOVE this cover.

Number #2

I think Essence made a bold choice in putting Jenifer Lewis on their cover. I love her as a woman and admire them giving the cover to someone that appeals to an older woman (like me) in her natural state. I can appreciate that and wanted more magazines to do the same thing, I want to see myself more.

Number #1

BY far our number #1 pick is Serena Williams showing her bare ass on the cover of Harpers Bazaar untouched. It was such a wonderful statement to the world that we can't help but celebrate her. She's always Number #1

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