Willow Smith Graces Cover of Glamour UK's September Issue

Willow Smith Graces Cover of Glamour UK's September Issue

Introducing Glamour UK's September Cover Star, Willow Smith

Willow Smith is someone who is used to standing out. She is a Hollywood tale as old as time; daughter of superstars who has spent most of her life in front of the press. She is only 21, but there are already many titles in her orbit: singer, songwriter, actress, guitarist, spokesperson. It’s a place where many children of celebrities can crash and burn, jostling with the pressure of living up to the blinding star quality of their parents. But Willow seems to have found the antidote, and is making a name for herself, all on her own.

"Sometimes [managing your mental health] is so overwhelming that you can’t really bring yourself to do much else besides reminding yourself of the things that really matter. For me, I love a good mantra. Recently, my mantra has been, ‘I accept everything as it is, and I’m grateful for it.’ Repeating that over and over again; that’s been really helping me."

Willow Smith

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Writer: Christine Ochefu

Christine Ochefu is a freelance Writer, Consultant, Strategist and Curator who’s interested in music, arts and popular culture. She work across writing, editing, consultancy, curation, strategy, brand storytelling, researching, ghostwriting and much more.

Photographer: Thom Kerr

In 2005 Thom Kerr graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in writing and directing. He initially freelanced as a stylist, set designer, and writer for numerous publications - collaborating with an eclectic set of photographers & directors whilst developing his own direction. In 2007 he decided to step behind the camera officially and developed a successful photographic career taking him around the globe. 2017 saw him relocate to Los Angeles, translating his stylistic imagery into eye catching visuals for dynamic artists including Christina Aguilera, Doja Cat, Bebe Rexha, Quavo, Iggy Azalea, Kim Petras, Kehlani, Brooke Candy, Jason Derulo, Rico Nasty and Kimbra.

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