WIRED Ideas is Looking for Essays on Science & Tech

WIRED Ideas is Looking for Essays on Science & Tech

Angela Chen, Ideas editor at Wired is looking for essays on science & tech. Email ideas at wired dot com; rates start at $500 and increase if there's reporting. Pitch guide with more info: https://wired.com/about/how-to-pitch-wired-ideas/…. 

For pitches, please include:

  1. Argument: In one to two paragraphs, please tell us the thesis of your argument and the main supporting points. Don't just tell us the questions you’re exploring. We want to know your answers, or at least the direction you plan to go (which may change with more research and reporting). If you plan to interview sources, tell us who.
  2. Why it matters: What are the stakes of this topic? Why are you writing about it now?
  3. Your background and relevant writing or subject-matter experience

Craft is important to us, and the pitch is our first introduction to your work. The more the pitch gives us a sense of your writing style and voice, the better.

Send pitches to our editors Angela Chen and Ricki Harris at ideas@wired.com.

For general story pitches, check out WIRED's guidelines here.

Read more About WIRED On The Stylists Suite Page. Click Here.

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