Writers Needed! Mic has 6 New Series that explores how our world is changing and how we're coping

Writers Needed! Mic has 6 New Series that explores how our world is changing and how we're coping

Shante Cosme & Michelle Legro, Mic's Editor in Chief and Story Editor are looking for Thoughtful Prompt Writers for Six New Series

How to pitch a Mic series

Make sure to note which series you are pitching for in the subject line. Most essays are between 800 and 1500 words with rates starting at $400.

Contact: features@mic.com and make it clear which series you are pitching in the subject. Please include a short bio and any links to recently published writing.


Series #1: How I’d Fix It

This series takes something that’s broken — like Congress or the reboot of Gossip Girl — and proposes a way to fix it. It’s part speculation, part exasperation, part modest proposal. Got a big and bold plan to tackle climate change or disinformation? Got a better way to cast Real Housewives? We’ve love to hear it. The more creative the argument the better. (Bonus points if you created the problem!) Here are a few examples of arguments we love: 

Series #2: Our Space

This series profiles unique places, both online and off, that create community and connection for like-minded individuals. Think social clubs for POC, women-only spaces, spaces specifically created for better accessibility, niche internet communities. A motorcycle club just for bad-ass women of color? An MMA gym with primarily Muslim trainers? Go inside what makes these places special, how they came to be, what they’re up against, and what they need to thrive.

Series #3: Hits Different 

This is a series that takes a second look at a TV show, song, album, episode, movie, scene, or clip from the past that, in our current context, just hits different. What did you understand about this cultural object or moment that you didn’t when you first experienced it? What was the world like when you first considered this thing, and what’s changed? Does it hold up as timeless, or is it better left to the past?

Series #4: Call Me By My Name

A name is so much more than what people call you. It carries the history of a family, the expectations of a generation, the connotations of class. Some people are given names and some people name themselves. We are in a moment where we are renaming the world around us, questioning the names of sports teams, buildings, national parks, streets, schools. Naming is power, and this series will include both personal stories and cultural commentary about who gets that power and who takes it back.

Series #5: Next to Normal

Are we there yet? Oh god, no we’re nowhere near there yet. This series looks at how we’ve changed, how we’re still changing, and how we’d like to change as all of this <<wave hands around>> is still happening. Are you giving up on going to weddings? Are you getting really into cheese? Are you changing your entire identity? Why is everyone acting so weird right now? Tell us your theory!

Series #6: Decolonize This!

Toppling Confederate statues is just a start. This series looks at the places, people, objects, and institutions that seriously need to be decolonized. This is about questioning the world, what we consume, the built environment, and the people who make the rules. What’s been whitewashed and what needs to be stripped down? We’re looking for profiles of people who are doing the work, companies that are changing the rules, politicians who are changing the game, and much more. 


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