Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

This week we found writing opportunities at CNN Digital, TechCrunch, BusinessInsider and StyleCaster.

Good Luck and let me know if you need help with your pitches. ~ Darralynn

CNN Digital is looking for a Visual Editor for As Equals; an initiative dedicated to publishing coverage of gender inequality.

TechCrunch  @TechCrunch: TechCrunch is looking to fill a few contract positions with journalists in the general consumer tech, biotech, climate and security beats. For general consumer tech, we're looking for expertise in social, streaming services, music/podcasts, shopping, mobile apps and trends, big tech news of the day - Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc., and consumer-facing startups. For biotech, we're after people with a background in science or science communications who can explain tricky technical subject matter to a non-specialist audience. Must also be comfortable doing so in a fast-paced work environment. For climate, we're looking for writers who can navigate the intersection of cutting-edge technology and its ecological impact, including startups that make sustainability claims, big companies and their efforts to 'green' their businesses. For cybersecurity, we're eager to work with writers looking to build their expertise on a rapidly evolving beat to cover startups, emerging technology and breaking news. You'll have a good grasp of the fundamentals and be able to work independently, quickly and responsively. If you know one of these spaces, have sources and are able to write quickly with accuracy and a strong voice, send an email to freelance@techcrunch.com with links to your work. (April 19)

Alyse Kalish @Alyslice: Looking for freelance writers for @BusinessInsider interested in covering inequity in education — DM me or email me akalish@insider.com with your background/clips if interested! This is for a specific project where we'll assign an appropriate fee based on the research required/length (our policy in general). But our freelance rates start at a base of around $300. (April 19)

STYLECASTER @StyleCaster: STYLECASTER is seeking a writer to cover the HB1570 bill and what it means for trans youth. Essays and reported stories welcome. Please email alana.peden@stylecaster.com with your pitch. #transwriters #TransRightsAreHumanRights #freelancewriters (April 16)

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