Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

We found postings for freelancers from MIC and BET.com

Let me know if you need help with your resume or portfolio ~ Darralynn

Shanté Cosme @ShanteCosme: Hello, internet! Mic is hiring contributing culture writers who can work 2-3 days a week and have experience writing commentary and analysis on trending news. If this is you, email me! shante@mic.com. I absolutely love you all but please, do more than say you're interested! These emails won't get a reply. Instead, explain exactly why you're qualified for this role. Spell it out by outlining your experience and sending links that show your POV on topics Mic covers. $20-30/hour, depending on experience. If the writer prefers to file weekly features, $400-$600 per reported feature.  (April 26) 

Shante is the Editor-in-chief, @Mic and she's a @Complex alum. Not a half-stepper. “Lift as you climb” is the motto. Pitches: shante.cosme@mic.com


[Ashle Mitchell] @ashle_monae: New Job Alert‼️ Looking for a Music journalists. writers and reporters that focus their research on the music industry. Ideally, a freelance writer with 2-5 years of experience who has a background writing albums and concert reviews as well as reviews on shows and performances. Send resumes ➡️ ashle.Mitchell@bet.net,Talent Relations Manager

Please no Twitter DM’s (April 26)

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