Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

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We found postings for freelancers from MIC and BET.com

Let me know if you need help with your resume or portfolio ~ Darralynn

Shanté Cosme @ShanteCosme: Hello, internet! Mic is hiring contributing culture writers who can work 2-3 days a week and have experience writing commentary and analysis on trending news. If this is you, email me! shante@mic.com. I absolutely love you all but please, do more than say you're interested! These emails won't get a reply. Instead, explain exactly why you're qualified for this role. Spell it out by outlining your experience and sending links that show your POV on topics Mic covers. $20-30/hour, depending on experience. If the writer prefers to file weekly features, $400-$600 per reported feature.  (April 26) 

Shante is the Editor-in-chief, @Mic and she's a @Complex alum. Not a half-stepper. “Lift as you climb” is the motto. Pitches: shante.cosme@mic.com


[Ashle Mitchell] @ashle_monae: New Job Alert‼️ Looking for a Music journalists. writers and reporters that focus their research on the music industry. Ideally, a freelance writer with 2-5 years of experience who has a background writing albums and concert reviews as well as reviews on shows and performances. Send resumes ➡️ ashle.Mitchell@bet.net,Talent Relations Manager

Please no Twitter DM’s (April 26)

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