Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Freelancers Like Me

Peter Allen Clark, Editor at Time Magazine Posted  

"Itching to write smart, quick, relevant Tech/Biz stories? Well I'm itching to expand my freelancer network." Pitch me! peter.clark@time.com 



FILM DAZE  @filmdaze: With the approval of our EIC, we are now accepting pitches for #GossipGirl filmdaze.net/submissions/ [$20 for reviews; $40 for features (articles, essays, think pieces, listicles, and Patreon/newsletter features*); $150-250 for select festival coverage (based on the amount of coverage)] (July 8)

Olivia Utley, Asst Comment Editor @telegraph

 @OliviaUtley: Calling all freelance journalists and budding journalists…. We’re always on the lookout for fresh, talented voices to write for Telegraph Comment. So please do send in your pitches! I’m on olivia.utley@telegraph.co.uk. Few tips below for those who haven’t pitched much 1. In no partic order, a good pitch will include: who you are - including links to previous published work if applicable (no problem if not!), what you would like to write, why you are the best person to write it, why you need to write it now ie. what’s the news peg.. 2. You stand a better chance if you pitch a comment about a slightly off beat news story. If you’re pitching about our front page, then you’ve got to have an unusual/counter intuitive angle. Our regular columnists are usually best placed to cover the bread and butter 3. Pitch early! Our first meeting is at 8:30am, so try to get in there before 8:15 if your idea has a short shelf life (and most do) 4. Keep the pitch short - 300 words absolute max 5. Draw on personal experience if it’ll help your argument. For example, if you’d like to argue that online seminars are rubbish, mention that you’re a student and give a little colour about what they’ve been like 6. Grab attention: Try to imagine what the headline for the finished piece might be and use that as a subject line 7. Can’t speak for other commissioning editors, but if you’re pitching to me, give me 3 or 4 hours to reply, if I still haven’t, send one chaser email. If I still don’t reply, please do feel free to pitch elsewhere! (I always try to get back to people, but sometimes fail) 

Pia Velasco,  Sr. Beauty & Fashion Editor @hellogiggles is looking for Hispanic Pitches

Pitch me at Pia.velasco@meredith.com @piavela_: I'm putting together a project for #HispanicHeritageMonth centering around multi-generational beauty and how today's Latinx youth is reinterpreting cultural practices and beauty standards to fit their modern lifestyles. #callforpitches Pitches can be about beauty, style, and culture. They can be personal essays, informational pieces, or interviews. Starting rates are $150 and can be negotiated up. Email me at pia.velasco@meredith.com by Monday at 10:00 AM EST for consideration. 

Mike S. Omer-Man @MikeOmerMan: I'm looking for awesome cannabis writers with a science background or science writers with an interest in cannabis. If that's you, send me an email and some writing samples to editor@cannigma.com


Ajay Kumar, Section Editor, Mobile is New to his Position and looking for Pitches

"Today is my first day as Section Editor, Mobile at Digital Trends where I'll be covering all things mobile, ranging from reviews, roundups, op-eds, and more. Please feel free to reach out to me (akumar@digitaltrends.com) with pitches, news, press releases, and freelancing."


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