Writing Opportunities for Writers Like Me

Writing Opportunities for Writers Like Me

Good morning freelancers:

A few authentic pitches came across my twitter feed this morning that I thought was worth sharing.  As always if you need some help with your pitching, hit me up ~ Darralynn



cale g weissman, Editor In Chief of Modern Retail @caleweissman: "hello, freelancers with business reporting chops: modern retail is looking for some contract writers for at least the summer," email me at cale@modernretail.co with some past clips and we can talk details! 1 story per week (500-800 words), $1,200/month 


Meagan Kay Clark @MeaganKay: I’m really proud of @ReligionMag. It’s not easy to start something and build but the media needs more entrepreneurs! We’re able to pay freelancers from veterans to students and welcome pitches. [masthead: https://religionunplugged.com/staff-and-faculty]


The Plug @tpinsights: Have a knack for business reporting? The Plug is looking for freelancers to contribute both long and short-form pieces across all subjects in Black innovation. buff.ly/3tETssi 


Katy Cowan @katylcowan: Creative Boom is growing. We're looking for freelance art and design journalists to join our team. Remote working, flexible days. Interested? Drop us an email at careers@creativeboom.com 

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